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The ALCS and the Google Book Settlement

From the Declaration filed with the court on 11th February by Owen Atkinson, Chief Executive Officer of the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS):

In relation to the settlement ALCS has from the outset taken the stance of informing our book and article author members about the agreement, its implications and the options available without giving advice on what action members should take.

From ALCS News Spring 2009:

… on pages 10–11, two representatives of the US Authors Guild explain why they believe that their landmark settlement with online giant Google – arrived at after they had launched a lawsuit against the company – is good news for writers.


… I can tell you very simply what all authors like: They like their books to be read, and, except for the most financially perverse of authors, they like a good royalty check. – Paul Aiken, Executive Director of the Authors Guild


I know I look forward to having free access to millions of books at my local library and to getting some income from all the millions, or billions, or googols, of fingertips that will be tapping into my online oeuvre. There’s hardly any telling where the future of books will lead, but this agreement is a major pathfinding step. – Roy Blount Jr, President of the Authors Guild


Many UK writers (or their heirs and successors) are … part of the class to which this settlement applies and have the opportunity to submit claims for financial recompense. ALCS recommends that you review your options to ensure that you do not miss out.

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