Action on Authors' Rights


Authors have the right to

  • have their intellectual property protected by the state
  • have their moral rights properly acknowledged and protected by the state
  • decide whether and where they are going to publish, and in what format(s)
  • freely negotiate their own publishing contracts and licensing agreements
  • negotiate in person, or through agents of their own choice, as they prefer

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  1. Hi Gillian,

    First may I thank you for your superb critique of the DEB.

    I am the admin of Copyrightaction and one of the moderators of Editorial Photographers UK We also run because we see no practical chance of amending the Bill. It has to go. We are lobbying intensively and gaining some traction with Libdem and Tory shadow departments. In the Lords Viscount Bridgeman and Lord Clement Jones were particularly responsive to lobbying by photographers. However the IPO appear determined not to understand the problems, and continue to misinform MP’s.

    The aspects you highlight are many times worse for photographers for numerous reasons – ease of orphaning, impossibility of diligent search, profligate distribution and a culture of infringement with impunity that extends to mainstream publishers, all in the context of a market wrecked by oversupply and de-professionalisation. We see ECL as a terminal disease for most pro photographers, who will simply be unable to prevent use or maintain viable rates. Opt-out will effectively mean opting out of the market in exactly the same way that refusing rights-grabbing and exploitive contracts has meant excommunication.

    Comment by Tony Sleep | March 28, 2010 | Reply

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